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Antique Safe

If you need Spokane Safe Technician give Intricate Lock & Key a call. We service gun safes, executive safes, and fire safes. Big safes and small safes. Providing safe opening in the Spokane and surrounding areas. We can also help with safe combination changes, your Spokane Safe Tech. Give us a call if you need Safe Service.



• Safe opening - "Safe Cracking"
• Combination Changes
• Safe Servicing & Repair
• Lock Replacement



Safe cracking is a method of opening a safe without combination or code. A safe technician must be knowledgeable and have the proper tools for the job. It takes skill and patience.

Our techs have the right tools and knowledge in order to get you into your safe. Whether you lost or forgot the combination or the safe is malfunctioning, we can help.

We take care to use proper opening methods and techniques to open the safe with as little damage as possible so that your safe can be usable again.

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