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High Security
Key Systems

Our High Security Key Systems offer high level of key control with a patented keyway to prevent unauthorized duplication and has high resistance to picking and drill attacks.

Benefits & Highlights

Here is how a High Security Key System can benefit your business and upgrade your building security.


US Utility Patent

Utility Patent provides legal control over who can cut and distribute keys.

Drill Resistence

Locks have drill resistant housing and plug. Case hardened steel inserts and stainless steel pins are strategically placed to bind and break drill bits.


Pick Resistence

Locks contain proprietary side bars with inactive false gates, spool pins, counter mill in each chamber, and extremely close tolerances.


Lock pins are made of stainless steel and nickel silver. Keys are made of durable nickel silver alloy. Unlike standard lock pins and keys that are made of soft brass material.

Key Control

Unique key cannot be duplicated at hardware stores or locksmith shops. Factory strictly controls distribution. Side milling on key is cut and assigned at factory. Keys can only be duplicated with original dealer.

Certifications & UL Listed

Locks are UL Listed under UL437, a set of tests for determining physical resistance to various forms of attacks.

Lock Detail

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