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We provide complete residential locksmith service in the Spokane area. Many have trusted us as their Spokane Locksmith for residential security needs. We can rekey your new home, add new deadbolt, or install all brand new locks. We also service many rental properties in the Spokane and CDA area. Give us a call to talk about your lock needs!



• Lock rekeying
• Lock changes
• Lock installations
• Master keying
• New hardware installations
• Lock repair and service
• Key replacement
• Lockout/unlock service
• Deadbolt Installation
• Peep hole installation
• Key duplication
• Broken key extraction

      Lock Rekey


A lock rekey re-configures a lock to operate on a different key. We handle many different types of locks and keyways including basic rekey and advanced master key systems.

When purchasing a new home it is important to rekey all the locks. This will insure previous occupants, contractors, or realtors don't have access to your home.

Landlords also can benefit by re-keying their rental properties. This will reduce risk and liability of unauthorized entry by previous tenants.

We also offer master key systems for apartments and multi unit / multi family buildings. We can set up and maintain the system by rekeying after each tenant change. This will also give management or landlord convenience of entry into all units using one single master key.

      Deadbolt Installation

The deadbolt is the most important lock on the home as it provides the best level of security compared to the standard knob lock. A deadbolt strengthens the entry against kick in attacks as well as shimming. All exterior doors should be equipped with a deadbolt.

If properly installed it extends one inch into the door frame through a metal strike plate on the  frame. The frame is best secured by long screws.

We have professional tools to make precise and clean cuts to properly fit a new deadbolt. If your exterior entry doors do not have a deadbolt, give us a call today!

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